New Product Alert....FiberCoat


FiberCoat is a revolutionary aerosol edge coat product designed to protect and repair duct liner. With its unique formulation, FiberCoat provides exceptional strength and quick drying properties, making it an ideal choice for your edge coating and duct liner repair needs.



FiberCoat...the ultimate solution for protecting and repairing duct liner. This revolutionary product ensures thorough coverage, coupled with a robust formulation featuring 26-31% solids for maximum durability. 

Its quick-drying nature makes application a breeze, catering to a wide temperature range of 60-100°F. With a formidable spray force and impressive coverage of 50 sq.ft. per can, FiberCoat stands as a reliable defense against wear and tear. 

Trust FiberCoat for unparalleled strength and longevity, ensuring your HVAC systems remain in peak condition for years to come.