CL WARD is exicted to introduce our newest product....CL'D Slip and CL'D Drive.

The CL’D Slip and Drive system is a revolutionary new product from CL WARD. For years, slip and drive have been used as transverse joint connections on low pressure rectangular duct work. With energy efficiency standards continually increasing for HVAC systems, CL WARD looked for a way to increase the efficiency for low pressure transverse duct connections just as we did for medium to high pressure duct work with our J and H Flange four-bolt connection.

Heightened efficiency standards have led to greater duct sealing requirements. Contractors spend a tremendous amount of money on labor and material to seal duct work. Every duct joint needs to be sealed with the application of duct sealant or tape. Either option represents additional labor and material costs to ensure the duct work is sealed. 

With the introduction of our CL’D Slip and Drive system, labor and material costs and the vulnerability of inadequate sealing is virtually eliminated!

We have designed a manufacturing process to inject a sealing gasket inside the Slip. When the raw edge of the duct presses into the gasket, a seal is formed along the entire length of the top and bottom slip connections.

On the sides of the duct, the “drive side”, we have designed a new Drive profile that allows for a gasket lining that seals the sides of the duct when the Drive is driven down. After much research and development, the optimal profile was created, along with the perfect gasket that allows the Drive to be installed without agitating the gasket profile.

The last part of our system is the Corner Patch that gets placed into the corners of the duct before the Drives is bent over for final installation. Placement of the Corner Patch ensures a sealed corner, which is the most vulnerable area for leakage.

The finished installation is a clean, sealed connection that eliminates sealing costs.

According to third party testing, our “CL’D System” for transverse duct connections meets SMACNA A, B and C seal classes and exceeds SMACNA Class 3 Leakage Standards. 

CL’D Slip and Drive will provide you with peace of mind that your duct work is properly sealed while eliminating the high costs involved with sealing duct work through traditional methods. These “traditional sealing methods” are a thing of the past!

The CL’D Slip and Drive is available in 24, 26 and 28 gauge. The bundles are 10 ft in length with 100 feet per bundle. The gasket used in both the CL’D Slip and Drive meet ASTM E-84 Standards.

Like all our products, the CL’D Slip and Drive is available through our international network of distributors.

For samples and additional requests, please contact CL WARD or visit